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Basket and Ball
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Basket and Ball  is a free arcade basket and ball the game set on a basketball court. Control the rebel ball with a touch or keyboard and lead it to the trash! Drill the ball by pressing the space bar or by pressing the jump button. Overcoming obstacles and scattered in the yard and solving puzzles to get the win! Avoid spikes and fire, extinguish flames in water, push balls with springs and trampolines and escape from police robots armed with flamethrowers the game! Set reflexes and intelligence to test 55 levels of basketball fun! Excel in sport and win a shooting test, in which the player must show the number of hits of the throw to throw the basket at least once in 3 throws. Collect stars and receive rewards for changing the game scattered around the basketball court.

Game features in basket and ball:

  • Basketball games are free for you to play basketball game free.
  • 55 levels of fun basketball fun graphics.
  • Many rewards and features with the ball for you.
  • Save your achievement with the basket and ball cool math.

How to play game:

  • Turn your screen up and ready to play basket and ball game .
  • Use the navigation keys to guide the ball into the basket.
  • Avoid obstacles and traps that are available.
  • Collect stars and rewards stop time basket and ball unblocked.

Some screenshots from game:

basket and ball

basket and ball cool math

basket and ball unblocked

A fun basketball game is also a lot of similar games you can play and join with the ball expressing intelligence and ability to act.

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Basket and Ball
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