The top basketball games basketball

The top basketball games basketball
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Basketball games basketball – the game very cool. You can choose from a few basketball basketball basketball games online as listed below. The games are designed for all ages. So you can rest assured that your children play these games. Hyax to explore more below!

The top basketball games basketball – basketball games online

1/ NBA LIVE Mobile

Electronic Arts has launched a free and professional basketball games free download on the iPhone / iPad called NBA LIVE Mobile. In the game, players will be managing a professional basketball team, participating in exciting matches and conquering large scale competitions.

Download game NBA Live Mobile version 1.2.6 latest

  • Improve the 2016-2017 season to make NBA Live Mobile games more authentic and lively than ever before. Add new athletes, dresses, team logos, soccer fields … to diversify the gaming experience.
  • Earn rewards when you reach your day goal and complete the live event.
  • Fight against the enemy in the form of coalition coordination.
  • Add guided walking, scoring, and more.
  • Update a number of features and improve the entire gameplay for NBA Live Mobile basketball games basketball game based on the response from the player.
basketball games basketball

NBA LIVE Mobile simulates professional NBA tournaments in North America.

NBA LIVE Mobile simulates professional NBA tournaments in North America. NBA – National Basketball Association, the National Basketball Association and also the most prestigious basketball league in the world. NBA LIVE Mobile for iOS is similar to a football management basketball games basketball  online in that the player’s task is to build a young basketball team, participate in live 5: 5 matches and connect with the NBA series. Spread over 365 days in a year.

Managing the professional basketball team

As a manager and coach, players will manage a basketball team of professional athletes. Each athlete will have different strengths and weaknesses and this is the real NBA superstars in the past as well as the present. As in football, you also have to recruit, transfer and trade athletes to own the strongest team in the league.

Join the live event

NBA LIVE Mobile – basketball games basketball simulates the true American basketball environment and connects directly to the professional NBA system. Players will overcome challenges every day, put the ball into the basket to receive rewards … There will be random matches between real players or players, opposites … for you to choose.

Master the game

NBA LIVE Mobile owns the next-generation basketball basketball game online with simple button controls. In opposing battles, your goal is to steal the ball, move it right and score points. The basketball games basketball  online is fast paced, the gameplay is short but enough for the two teams to show off their smooth runs and accurate throws. Winning will bring you gold, valuable item packages, unlock special skills … These factors contribute to the team level up faster.

In the NBA LIVE Mobile game, leveling up is important because it gives you the opportunity to fight with more worthy opponents. First, you need to collect experience points (XP) by taking part in live events, quizzes, and quizzes. Each time you complete a game in these modes, you will gain experience points. Upgrading is just a matter of 1-way when the XP bar is filled up through the game progress.

When you level up, NBA LIVE Mobile players will receive the Stamina, which is quite important in the basketball games basketball  online. Why say stamina important? Because this is the cost of your participation in each NBA LIVE Mobile game, it is the same as the network in other games. If you run out of stamina, you can wait for this indicator to recover or buy in cash.

2/ Rival Star Basketball

Rival Star Basketball is a unique mobile basketball games basketball , combining elements from action genre, management simulation to strategy and card.
Basketball is probably no stranger to today’s Vietnamese youth, it is a direct combat match between two teams, each team has 5 people. The goal of the game is to score multiple points by trying to put the ball into the opponent’s basket in the right way and restrict the opponent to throw the ball into the basket.

basketball game online

This is a very special product, the gameplay in the basketball games basketball is a combination of elements from the action type, management simulation to tactics, cards.

Remembering the days when I went to school, I learned about the Slam Dunk comic book and also my passion for basketball has risen. Therefore, to satisfy the passion of playing the sport, I also look for similar mobile games. It can be said, on the mobile basketball games for online that take the topic of basketball is not missing but today, we would like to introduce to you the game Rival Star Basketball. This is a very special product, the gameplay in the basketball games basketball is a combination of elements from the action type, management simulation to tactics, cards.

As with other products from the developer, Rival Star Basketball is only built with simple 2D graphics in a variety of colors. However, the game still gives players great shots and highlights in basketball. Sound game is quite impressive, the basketball games online becomes more exciting with the cheers of the audience, shoe on the wooden floor … is also clearly displayed.

Make your team fight hard!

In Rival Star Basketball, you will play a talented trainer, build your own basketball team. The number of players in the basketball games basketball is varied and is evaluated through attacking and defense stats displayed on their cards. But the formation of a strong team is relatively difficult, you only find new players through the purchase of card packages in the Shop.

In terms of gameplay, Rival Star Basketball has much in common with its older brother, Flick Kick Football Legends. The main action of the player is to swipe the screen at the right time to take action of each player. In particular, you will experience the basic tutorial before coming to the actual game.

As mentioned above, for new players, players need to purchase the card through the Shop in the basketball games basketball . However, these bags are relatively high price, if you do not want to pay cash, you persevere earn them through the rewards after the major tournaments.

3/ Basketball Master

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basketball game online

Use your mouse or touch the screen to play, depending on the type of device you use.

Basketball is a very exciting sport and is loved by so many people around the world. Come to this online basketball games basketball multiplayer. You will have the opportunity to experience this exciting sport right on your mobile phone. Try to throw the ball in the right place to put the ball into the basket and score the highest points, but be careful that the opponent can block your ball at any time.

How to play the Basketball

  • Use your mouse or touch the screen to play, depending on the type of device you use.
  • Adjust the direction of the ball, to basket ball as much as possible.
The top basketball games basketball
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