The best basketball games to play

The best basketball games to play
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Basketball games to play –  Fun games about basketball. You can satisfy your passions through entertaining games like games. Choose your favorite game right below. We list some interesting basketball game online enthusiasts. You do not just play basketball in the real world but when you sit there you can still have beautiful basketball moves. Wait, play now!

The best basketball games to play – The Basketball Stars fun game

Basketball Stars for Android is a fascinating games of basketball to play with various modes of play and a variety of customizable players.

Basketball Stars is the latest basketball game on Android and is now available on iOS devices. This is a product of Miniclip – a manufacturer that has been shaken in the mobile gaming market when launching blockbuster basketball games to play online fish big swallow fish improved name that millions of players “lose, eat, sleep “

After the success of this game, Miniclip continues to release Basketball Stars with the desire to bring gamers a new experience playing basketball on the phone. Currently, Basketball Stars allows users to download for free but also includes IAP packages for basketball games to play for free to upgrade their experience as well as unlock other advanced features.

basketball games to play

View competitors profiles and check information about them.

The latest feature of the game Basketball Stars

  • Added female characters.
  • Add new costumes to choose from.
  • Send the message to the opponent.
  • View competitors profiles and check information about them.
  • Share your results on Facebook.
  • Bug fixes and new upgrades.

Players will start the basketball games to play free by building their character after completing two impressive test games. You can customize the appearance of the athlete like the hair. Add tattoos to make the character become “bear head” or change clothes, hats, glasses. However, some items will require real money to be used so if you are a new game basketball free or want to spend money for upgrades later, then you should only exploit the equipment available.

Basketball Stars consists of two main currencies, gold bullion and cash. Gold bullion is used to level up and accumulate experience points, which can be earned once promoted. Cash is more difficult to achieve when players have to win online matches. The more money you accumulate, the more you will be able to participate in more tournaments and this is considered a registration fee to unlock new levels.

Basketball Stars is the highlight of this basketball games to play free online. Currently, the basketball games shooting consists of two main modes: Attack – Defender and Shooting Race. Attack – Defender is a one-on-one match. At this point, your character can be in attack position (hold the ball) or defense (without the ball). On the throwing mechanism, all controls are pretty straightforward when the player just needs to swipe on the screen wisely so that the ball falls into the basket on top of the game interface.

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basketball games to play

In addition, live soundtrack is also a perfect complement to the most prominent features of this basketball games to play now.

Also, if you want to move character, you just need to swipe left or right. Although simple basketball games to play, but to put the ball into the basket, the player needs to move quickly and manipulate the skill if the opponent will rob the ball from your hand. If the opponent wins the right to throw the ball and performs a successful throw, the turn will continue with that person.

Shooting Race mode has many similarities to the above. But the goal is to get the highest score in the given time, for example. The player online basketball games who scored the highest score within 45 seconds will win. In this mode you will not be able to select your opponents because the automatic matching system will look for a random opponent and after the pairing, the battle will officially begin.

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However, unlike Attack – Defender, in Shooting Race, players basketball games to play do not have to worry about their opponents and can throw the ball from the side. In addition, the challenge is also harder when both of them throw the ball in the basket at the same time. So do not rule out the possibility of your ball being hit by the opponent’s ball or two balls hit each other on the way into the basket.

In the latest update, Basketball Stars – 1 player basketball games has also added weekly charts. However, depending on the region and the ranking rules will also vary. In general, the basic contents include:

Order your position on the rankings depending on the total amount of cash won each week after winning the match.
If you fall into the top 50 best players, you will win a very unexpected reward.
If you play the same opponent more than once in a week, only the amount of cash won in the first match will be counted.
In terms of graphics, Basketball Stars simulates the visuals of basketball players and playgrounds, making you feel like you are playing live on the pitch. In addition, live soundtrack is also a perfect complement to the most prominent features of this basketball games to play now.

The main feature of basketball game Basketball Stars

  • Test your skills in one-on-one matches or race against time in more dramatic battles.
  • Hundreds of items to upgrade character and value prizes.
  • Upgrade your character both in skill and appearance with the goal of becoming the world’s top basketball player.
  • 2 attractive online playstation 4 basketball games modes.
  • Easy to play but difficult to conquer.
  • More than 40 different basketballs to unlock.
  • Conquer professional basketball skills such as throwing ball, ball, ball, ball, ball …
  • Offline mode helps you to improve your playing skills before playing the official basketball games to play online.
  • Show off your talents to beat other top athletes. Who will be the leader of the weekly chart?
  • Larger playground with higher basketball stands at new play areas: University campus and Central Park.
  • Add new equipment and shade.
  • Spin the free wheel everyday to receive great value rewards.
The best basketball games to play
5 (100%) 2 votes

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