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Iq Ball
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Iq Ball Your goal is to bring a small purple IQ ball to the target. To do this, you shoot the one who catches it and adheres to everything to move it according to its purpose. The less you use, the better! IQ Ball is a physics puzzle cool maths game iq ball that can be summed up in one word: “cute”. Use your mouse to expand the hooks and drag (or maybe cast) your character on the screen. However, you can only join certain materials and for some reason, metal is not conducive to solving puzzles. Try to bring your little purple head to the target or bring the goal in as few clicks as possible. This action will cause a slight increase in the “IQ score”. But who cares? As with most riddles, the real prize lies in “Ah-hah!” The moment when you cross the terrain and reach the goal.

Game features cool maths game iq ball:

  • Free HTML5 game for you with ball puzzles.
  • Simple but interesting graphics addictive basketball game free.
  • 25 levels of fun and new challenges cool math games iq ball.
  • Save achievements with green iq ball games .

How to play game:

  • Open your computer and start playing with the puzzle iq ball the game.
  • Use the mouse to hold the grip for the green ball cool maths game iq ball.
  • There is no limit to the number of hits, but you need to shorten the number of times to get the high score.
  • Once clinging, eat candy to go through another stage iq ball game.

Some screenshots from game:

cool maths game iq ball

cool math games iq ball

iq ball game

An interesting game with puzzle balls cool maths game iq ball that will bring you a new sense of play, not simple and addictive according to a new game. There are many other games that you can play and or not.

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Iq Ball
5 (100%) 1 vote

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