The best free basketball game

The best free basketball game
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Free basketball game – Basketball games on mobile devices or PCs, tablets. Want to continue to enjoy the passion of basketball even the spare time meager. So the basketball free throw game below are the best suggestions for you. Go ahead and pick and play now!

The best free basketball game – basketball games for free

1/ Big Win Basketball

Big Win Basketball is an exciting free basketball shooting game for iPhone, iPad, iPod, developed by Hothead Games. The online basketball games is where you can create your own basketball team, compete to win rivals from around the world, watch your “warriors” play, make spectacular throws, blocking opponents and other skills to win the Amateur and Pro titles in Big Win Basketball.


free basketball game

When playing the free basketball game online for the first time

  • Start in the Amateur Trophy and play with teams that have the same rank.
  • Improve your team’s skills and accept the challenge of winning teams.
  • Customize groups and players to create your own team.
  • Open gold, silver, bronze packets to find new players, enhance skills to improve your team, and collect other cards in the rankings.
  • Play the Big Impact card and see the interesting changes in the result when opened.
  • Suitable for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
  • All ages can download.
  • Integrate Twitter and Facebook.

When playing the free basketball game online for the first time, you will be rewarded with a free card package to open and use. When you see this prompt, click the “Open Pack” button to open and start using.

Once you have received your card package, you can arrange and view the cards that are in the package. When you have finished checking the card, click on “Continue” to continue.

Build a team

On the next screen there will be an option to name your group (whichever name you want). Once you have set the group name, click on “Done” to continue. At this time, you will be given the option to customize your group at will. Initially you can customize for free and should name each member in the group. When the group customization is complete, click the “Done” button at the bottom of the screen to continue.


free basketball game

You can easily identify Big Impact cards by the Big Impact on the left.

At this point, you will be set to play the free basketball game download for the first time. First, you need to select 3 cards to use while playing. To be sure of winning the competition, you should use Big Impact cards.

You can easily identify Big Impact cards by the Big Impact on the left.
Now that you’ve added Big Impact to the list, click on “Play” in the right hand corner of the screen to continue. At this point, you can connect with other players online to join the match with the same team.

When the opponent appears, you can see which player cards the opponent has chosen to use. Then you can play by clicking on the “Watch Game” button. Here, you will see areas that you need to improve against opponents.
If you do not want to waste your time watching the free basketball games download. You can click the “Skip” button to get to the result screen, where you can see how your team has done.

On the results screen, you can see the total score, along with other stats like Free Throws, Assists, Rebounds and more.

Click the “Continue” button to go to the next screen to see how many fans your team has, whether they win or lose, you have fans. The more fans you have, the more money you have.

Buy a new card

On the next screen, you will know what new cards to use in the free basketball game to play. Each card package has different card types, the more expensive card packages are the better cards. When you want to choose Bronze, it costs 150 and 6 players per pack. Click the package you want, then click on Confirm to open it. In a card package, you have the opportunity to earn very rare cards, such as skill cards. With skill cards, you can improve the stats of the current players.

To use the skill card, click on the leader in the team to manage the team, then click on the players you want to upgrade. From here, you will see a flashing icon with a red exclamation mark showing the skill types that can be upgraded with skill cards. The tag in the example above is for running skills. Then you can click the “Use” button to use the skill card and remove it.

Sale card

At any time, you feel the card is not good enough to serve or just want to find better cards, you can sell them in the “My Cards” section. To sell a card, you can go to the “My Cards” section, from here you can type in any kind of card in stock to mark. Click the “Sell” button below the card or see its value. Be careful when selling cards because it is not a wise choice. Make sure that the card is no longer used.

2/ Dunk Line

Dunk Line is a sports basketball game online free nba with a unique gameplay from Ketchapp – The developer is famous for simple addictive free basketball game online such as Mr Gun for iOS, Fit In The Hole for iOS or Knife Hit. So what’s new in basketball? Download and explore now!

free basketball game

Here, you will experience the simplest things that are highly entertaining.

One more exciting free basketball game nba from Ketchapp, Dunk Line for iOS gives you a new way to play basketball. Do not compete with teammates, do not compete with rival teams and do not play in the enthusiasm of the fans. Here, you will experience the simplest things that are highly entertaining.

Perhaps no one else is familiar with the name Ketchapp. This developer is well known for its unique, addictive and challenging basketball games online concept. Which has earned the hearts of many players around the world. If you play Dunk Shot, your mission is to adjust the angle to fit the ball into the basket and score as many points as possible. Also with the basketball theme, Ketchapp has launched a whole new free basketball game.

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Coming to the Dunk Line – free basketball games nba, the balls will be freed up with the basket placed in a random position on the screen. Your task is to draw straight lines to put the ball into the basket. Each level limits you to 3 times. Use as few draws as possible, the higher you score.

You will not have difficulty in the first level. But the higher level, the difficulty of the free basketball game increases when the game you have to put 2, 3 and even 4 balls into the basket at the same time or in some other screen the ball is thrown together with the bomb. You need to be extremely careful and apply the knowledge of physics and geometry to achieve the highest score.

In the free basketball game for free, you can also unlock new balls with diamonds collected as you pass levels. If you are looking for a basketball game online that is both entertaining and challenging, can play anywhere, the Dunk Line for iOS is a worthwhile option to try. Download and see how high your score is!

The best free basketball game
5 (100%) 5 votes

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